Pheromones can help you get a woman’s attention…

But once you’ve got it, what do you do next?

What do you say to her?

How do you get her to give you her phone number or ask her out on a date?

How do you keep her interested in you long enough to take things further?

The “love game” has only just begun at this point and what happens next is where many guys go completely wrong.

Most men try to pick up or seduce a woman the way they would want to be picked up and seduced. That’s when they blow it big time! Men don’t beat around the bush, and tend to get to the point right away while women generally need quite a bit of finessing before they give in.

Women need to feel admired, special, respected, listened to instead of being made to feel cheap, stupid and gullible the way men often make them feel when men do their standard pick-up routines.

Discover the Art of Seduction!

The Ultimate Dream of Every Man: Scoring with Lots of Attractive Women

This kind of seduction is no longer the exclusive domain of men who are stunningly handsome, drive flashy cars, have tons of money, or are jocks, movie stars, rock stars or celebrities.

This could happen to you even if you’re average-looking or if you aren’t particularly rich, talented, or a natural born ladies’ man. This could happen to you even if you’re painfully shy, are afraid of rejection, or have been a miserable failure at picking up women in the past.

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Foolproof Seduction Formula:

If You Give a Woman What She Wants, She’ll Give You What you Want

Get the step-by-step blueprint that will take you from “Hello” to touchdown.

Volume 1: The Game Begins

You will learn the absolute best places to find top quality women that are looking for a guy like you.

Confidently approach the women you want

Enhance your appearance

How to read her body language

Easiest way to approach a single woman

Volume 2: Laying The Groundwork

Keep the ball rolling, keep the woman’s interest, get her to give you her phone number, and ask her out on a first date?

Discover flirtation techniques

Keep the conversation flowing

Methods for asking her out on a date

Choose the ideal spot for your first date

Volume 3: Closing The Deal

How to avoid these pitfalls and what elements are an absolute necessity if you want to get into the end zone.

Influence her mood and read her mind

Get her to invite you into her place

To guarantee the next date does happen

Rules when it comes to second dates

Simple Seduction™ Volume I

The Game Begins

Here’s what Volume I contains:

Learn how to confidently approach the women in a variety of settings with total confidence and charisma that they simply can’t resist you.

Learn how to find the perfect introduction and how to control the first 3 minutes of your conversation…

The simple way to change your style (temporarily) to match what women really want.

Remember: When you give women what they want, they’ll give you what you want.

Discover how to read her body language

The easiest way to approach a woman you’re attracted to.

The truth about why women usually dont fall for pick-up lines and what they would MUCH rather hear you say when you approach them.

Simple Seduction™ Volume II

Laying The Groundwork

Here’s what Volume II contains:

Discover flirtation techniques that will captivate her attention. She’ll have her eyes locked on yours in breathless anticipation.

How to keep the conversation flowing and centered around her. (Women don’t want to hear you ramble on about yourself all the time. They want to talk about themselves and find out if you’re the caring, sensitive man they’d want to be intimate with.)

Best way to end the conversation so you can smoothly ask for her number without appearing awkward or desperate. This comes with another easy persuasion device to get her to give you her number even if, at first, she said no.

Learn foolproof methods for asking her out on a date how to ask, when to ask, what to say and where to go.

How to choose the ideal spot for your first date that will not only win her over, but also convince her that you’re a romantic guy (women love this!)

Discover the ideal amount of time to wait before you call her. (Call too soon, or too late, and you will NEVER get to the first date and beyond.)

What one thing you must do if she doesn’t return your call and turn it into a guaranteed call-back.

Simple Seduction™ Volume III

Closing The Deal

Here’s what Volume III contains:

How to keep her interested through the entire date and more intimately interested as the night continues.

Learn how to set the tone right from the start so that casual physical contact is not only welcomed but enjoyed.

How to read her cues on when the date should wrap up.

How to influence her mood and read her mind so that you’ll know when you can go in for the first kiss.

How to react if the first kiss doesn’t go as smoothly and what to do to make her anticipate the next kiss.

For the second date, how to set it up and what to do to guarantee the next date does happen.

What things you can do differently on the second date, and why they are a must if you want the relationship to either move further or move into more intimate ground.

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