Below are some of the unsolicited testimonials we have received from our customers.

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Thank you so so much for everything. The parcel arrived today; it truly is an excellent service and the scents are gorgeous :-) Thank you so much

Lisa, United Kingdom

I’ve just received my order !! Thank you for your excellent service!
I’ll be happy to order from you again!

Pan, Greece


Dan, NY

Thank you for wonderful products! Discreet packing please! :)

Bri, TX

I have to say it does work. I was once just sitting in the lunch room and I felt invisible, now they (women) are coming to my table asking to sit down. I have been to some social functions, grocery stores, and laundry mats and been hugged by one of the ladies that is known to peel a guys top off if he just looked at her the wrong way. I and some other people were shocked when she hugged me. Thank you!


Good stuff, and it works.

Mike, CT

I am a repeat customer because I absolutely love the product you offer and it WORKS! When available please send me a FedEx tracking number so I can track my order. Much appreciation for the service you offer.
Loyal customer ,

William, AL

When I first found your website, I didn’t know what to think. Honestly, I think I was setting myself up to be disappointed. But I tried out your Max Attraction at work, and I was amazed at the responses I got– not just from men, but from women too. My coworkers and boss were friendlier and more open to me, and the tips (which, as a hostess, I don’t usually receive) just rolled in. Smiles all around, just in the restaurant… and when I went home, the guy I’ve been seeing– with whom there has recently been a bit of a stress-slump, sexually– pulled me right into the bedroom. I’ve seen a lot more of him lately, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen; there’s been a lot of appreciation I’m not used to getting, attention paid, and much more. I wanted to thank you so much for your product, and especially for the confidence and energy that I feel like it gives me!

Britney, CA

Once again thank you for the first class customer service provided by you at . You are indeed an asset to the company….The most shocking thing is that the order was received within 1 business day. I ordered on Friday 22nd and received the package on Monday 24th. I had to pinch myself! Excluding the weekend, USA to London delivery within a day? Absolutely unbelievable. My first order in May was received in 2 days. I am so impressed with that you have to bare with me if I tend to write an essay in my testimonials. I can’t help it. It’s from the bottom of my heart and with all sincerity. I want to shout from my roof top.
I hope and pray that new customers don’t waste their money & time with other companies. Aside from the excellent products which truly work, the customer care service is by far the best I’ve experienced. I order from different companies around the world and none of them compares to what provides. Some orders take 2 weeks from abroad, some 1 week and even within UK some take up to 5 days. So, you can imagine how ecstatic I am with .
What sets you aside from other companies is the speed with which you never fail to respond to my questions & queries via email & telephone within 24 hours. I wish all companies were like you guys then the world would be a better place as more & more goods & services are now transacted via the Internet. There’s a lot of frustration when ordering from the Internet with some companies. The service provided by is calming, peaceful and smooth. You back up what the company claims on the website. Not many companies can stand by & prove this aspect of their business. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In this case, the proof is in the experience I receive from . I am having a whale of a time with max silk & scent of Eros including the luscious lips plumpers. You’ve got me hook, line and sinker.
Keep up with the good work. I will be in touch again when I want to place another order.

Jane, UK

This is the best costumer service I have ever seen, your service is awesome.
Keep the good work up! Thanks.

Jaime, Colombia

Thank you for getting back to me promptly I appreciate it and the product you sell. Word of mouth is best way for repeat business and I tell all my friends about your product.

Bill, AL

You guys are awesome…..

Dian, CA

Dear all,
I would really like to thank you and your company for delivering my order very quickly, that was really impressive. Once again thank you so much for your great service, and wish you all the best of luck.
Best regards,

Kar, United Arab Emirates

Havent talked to you guys in awhile. Met this great lady. She said you smell so good I could eat you. We are getting married, thanks so much!

Jim, IL

I received your product for men and applied as directed, the results have been very interesting. If I had to describe it I would call it “Quiet Success” job well done.

Bill, KY

Thanks so much for your help, I feel blown away by how helpful you’ve been, your great at business and solving things :) Thanks for the fast shipping, looking forward to trying them.
Best wishes

Ela, Australia

For years I’ve been practically invisible. My friends would always attract women and I wouldn’t get so much as a glance of interest. I decided to try “Max Attraction” at a recent event. My demeanor, and appearance wasn’t any different but the way women responded to me was amazing. Even my friends marveled at the attention I was getting. What a boost to my ego and confidence. I can’t wait to try it at the next outing. I’m glad I discovered your product and will continue to be a repeat customer.

Jay, CA

Following our lovely chat on the phone, I confirm receipt of my order. Unbelievably 2 days from order date. This is one of the fastest orders I’ve ever received from the US to London. Thank you so much for all your patience, explanation and call back from my initial telephone query after my order. The customer care support is EXCEPTIONAL and FIRST CLASS. If there was marks out of 10 it will be 10 out of 10. Highly recommended expecially as this is my first order therefore was a bit unsure at first.I ordered scent of Eros, Max Attraction Silk and Lip Plumper. The lip plumper actually works within seconds of using it. There is a tingling sensation which is a good thing. On the very first night I wore it overnight generously as I want maximum result. In the morning I had moist, soft pinkish kissable lips. I see that it also helps eradicate dryness of the lips. When I observed my lips in the morning I could kiss myself. Mmmm. It is a wonderful product and will purchase continuesly as shipping to London is even faster than some of the post I receive within UK. As for the scent of Eros and Maximum Attraction Silk, I shall keep you posted. Although, if I’m to go by my experience above of the lip plumper then I’m quite confident that I will equally have a positive experience.
Mike thanks once again. I am a very happy and satisfied customer.

Jane, United Kingdom

Thank you so much. Love your products, they do work, use them more for a work advantage, they give that added advantage of being listened to too, so Thank you again.

Shelly, MA

Thank you for your prompt response. I am using the one bottle for men to attract woman, But I like for my wife to use the other since I find it very appealing. I will stand by for the delivery and I thank you again for such exceptional customer service.

Ed, CA

This product (Max) in my opinion is the only stuff that works, case in point girl at work saying as I was near her “I smell man” :).

Arthur, WI

Thank you for your excellent customer service. I just started purchasing your products just two weeks ago and I am so pleased with your products. I’ve just received Max Silk Attraction just over a week ago and I am so pleased with the results in only just one day, it had a remarkable effect on those I had encountered with over a dinner party.

Cole, Australia

I would like to say that in my entire life this has been the best purchase ever. What i was thinking spending my money else where when you definetely deserve it.? Thank you guys. More than exceptional service. I am very happy. If i ever have a business on my own trust me you will be the first one i will contact. Thank you.

Emy, FL

This product (Scent of Eros Floral) is a miracle.Thank u is certainly not enough.

June, United Kingdom

Thank you for the prompt reply. I am so pleased with your product and also with your excellent customer service. I will order from you in the future again.

Max, NJ

I received the pheromones and am extremely stunned by the results. I went to a night club on Friday night and wore Max Attraction Gold while my Friends wore expensive Colognes without pheromones. I found myself being approached by all the hot ladies, even taking me around the corner for a quick kissing and touching and coming back after a good experience. It happened at least 14 to 17 .Max Attraction Gold has a scent that makes me smell well in my own special way and I had only used one spray as suggested.

Harris, South Africa

Awesome product, love the scent (Scent of Eros Floral)! It made me feel energized wearing it.

Judy, AL

Thank you. i also want to say that u guys have the best customer service around. ive tried contacting other websites but they either never respond or take a while. thank you very much.

Hud, NY

Russian Language

Ann, PA

I have to hand it to you: You have impressed me! And no, I am not pulling your leg.In Germany, you consider yourself lucky if you contact the customer support of just about any company and you don’t have to start from scratch with every mail you write. Usually, if you write more than one mail on a single topic, the person answering you will probably make you recap the whole thing again and again – even with a working ticket system. And I am talking IT-support here!Now you guys come along and connect the dots even accross eBay and (which is even more impressive) remembered the question I asked yesterday and reacted accordingly. I doubt I’ll ever see something like that happening in Germany during my lifetime!Best regards from Germany and thanks for the quick reply!

Chris, Germany

All I’ve got to say is…Wow and wow!!!! It works! (Max Attraction To Attract Men)

Jackie, NY

This stuff really works, im a repeat customer coz it really works, proven fact

Mary, CA

Super efficient seller! Parcel cleared through customs very quickly! Very happy!

Sarah, Australia

Received item in brilliant condition, I need to check my post office more often :) Thanks very much for your prompt answer and excellent service, top notch!

Pat, Australia

I highly appreciate the honesty of your company. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Tom, FL

I have used other companies, but your product (Max Attraction To Attract Women) out passes them all.

Shel, NY

I was really impressed with your fast delivery. I ordered my product on Tuesday and received it by Thursday and I live in the UK! Great Customer Service again.
Many thanks

Paul, United Kingdom

I Would like to let you know that I am very happy with your company! Thank You Very Much. Mark. You were very kind and helpful! Ive never seen customer service go above and beyond for a customer like you did!
Thank You, Very Much,

Gail, AK

Wow FOUR day delivery from US!!!Smells lovely (Max SILK) & lip plumper works/pleasant to use.

Julie, United Kingdom

I would like to thank and compliment the Customer Service Department. I thought I did not receive the product I ordered and the tracking showed it was delivered. I contacted Customer Service, via e-mail, explained the problem, and they answered me in a very short time. They informed me that a duplicate shipment would go out that day, and if the original showed up to just refuse it. Well, as it turned out, it was my mistake. I was in the process of moving, and totally forgot I received the package. Between the Customer Service Department, and the delivery service, the problem got solved. My mistake, not theirs. Thanks to the great communication from Customer Service, and the delivery agent, my mistake was handled with professionalism, etiquette and respect, and that is very unusual in the atmosphere we have in this Country today.
My thanks again. Excellent job.

Walt, WI

Marriage enhancer – it works!

Christine, MI

Wow. Absolutely amazing customer service. Thank you very much for making the extra effort.

Jer, FL

Seen all the hype on this stuff was very skeptical. Tried it one night worked very well almost too well. Gonna get some more before the stuff is outlawed.

Jim, IL

First of all, thank you very much for your excellent products. I ordered two weeks ago Max Attraction Gold, and I received in the next week… Very fast deliver, congratulations for your services! I’m writing because I forgot to order the Simple Seduction DVD Series with Max Attraction Gold… How much is the DVD Series? How should I order? Please tell me what should I do to order only the DVD Series, once I already have the Max Attraction Gold. I’ll wait for an answer as soon as possible… Thank you so much for your attention! Keep going the good work!
Kind Regards,

Jonas, United Kingdom

Thank you for producing such a solid product (Max Attraction To Attract Men). I have been a loyal customer for a couple years now.

Theresa, NJ

I purchase your wonderful products religiously. I will probably place another order in the next day or so. I love your products (and your service!,) and will continue to purchase them. I am very anxious to order some “Silk,” and will order some soon. But hands down, Max Attraction is the best!

Val, IL

My experience with your product, Max Attraction, has been totally positive. And the same is true of your helpful staff. The occasional problems with shipping, or using the website, have been cheerfully and successfully resolved. I appreciate this.

Luci, IN

“Massive internet research led me to this site, I wanted to mock the success people were associating with these seemingly magical pheromones and chemical attraction. My journey and satisfaction has led me to the point I’m at now:
Using MAX SILK for many months I have but one comment to make: this product is my lifeessential. It enables me to bring out the better side of me as well as strike the string in others. ALL others. Not only is my boyfriend the greediest person in the world when it comes to me (with a little help from chemicals), but my friends, colleagues, classmates and individuals I meet on everyday basis are climbing out of their skin to bring themselves to MY attention. The best part is: YOU will never get tired of it, and neither will THEY. Build connections that will last you a lifetime, pheramones will give you a full boost to get your “foot in the door”, afterward, it’s up to you if you want to keep things spiced up or cool it down for a bit. I openly admit: my skeptical self is a lifelong customer, I can’t live without it!”

Ann, PA

“Quite simply this product (Max Attraction) eliminates the competition. I have attended networking events using this product only to find that I am receiving all the attention. It’s absolutely amazing. Even standing in line at a grocery store can cause women to engage in conversation and show interest. I have been using it for years and would highly recommend its use to gain an ’unfair advantage’. Thanks Guys!”

Jerry, IL

“I had read several articles about the effects of pheromones. I was curious to see if using pheromones would be helpful in my job since I primarily deal with men, and while I don?t mind working in a man?s world, I still want to be treated like a woman! I decided to try your products, in particular the Max Attraction.
I immediately noticed a difference! My co-workers and clients suddenly were much more cordial, attentive and helpful. I have had nothing but good experiences and have been using your products for several years now. I have noticed that when I do not use your products, I do not receive the same attention and courtesy as when I do. I believe your products are top quality and your customer service is excellent. I would recommend your product solely on its merit to any woman who wants to increase her allure and facilitate her interaction with men.”

Maria, CA

“I can say with complete certainty that this stuff works. I was newly single and decided to try Luv Essentials Conquest for the heck of it. Why not? It’s tough being single in a major city. I figured, if it actually worked, I would have a slight edge on the competition. I knew there was scientific evidence of pheromones and how they work.
The first thing I noticed was that after business meetings and social gatherings I would be warmly approached by women that would not generally talk to me. Even my male friends and business associates would notice that I was getting attention and they were not. The second thing I noticed was that these women were seemingly approaching me for casual or social reasons! These were both clear changes. I can say that my social life increased.
I am now engaged and I still use it. My fiancé likes the fresh light scent. She smiles and says it makes me smell fresh and clean. I think that’s a compliment.”

Rick, CA

“Naturally I am skeptical of anything that makes the claim’s your product makes, but having used one bottle of Max Attraction and now on my second, this stuff really works. Amazing. Women of all ages react to the product. My love life and dating scene has gone from not much to more than I can handle. I have gone out with the same women with and without Max Attraction and there is a distinct reaction when using the product. It seems to work best on younger women. Sometimes I feel guilty using it with the older women, It almost doesn’t seem fair. Thanks.”

Kevin, MI

“I just want to say this product (Max Attraction SILK To Attract Men) is incredible. I am a very attractive girl and I don’t really have a problem getting guys’ attention but this product is almost like a secret weapon; it doubled the attention that I get from men. It is crazy, I am like the queen bee when I go out. This definitely will keep them wanting for more.”

Rose, IL

I just had to contact you ASAP. I just received my product of MAX SILK, and this product is AWESOME! I shook the bottle and sprayed one time on my clothes as the direction suggested and my senses awakened, and I just felt very, very sexy and hot. That was my first reaction to it, I was on my way to work and It WORKS. I am so, so happy. Thank you and now you have a customer for life. MAX SILK is well worth the money.”

Rochelle, MD

“Best customer service, best product ever!!!! I’ve been using Max Attraction for over a year… and it only gets better!!! I’ve never had any problem meeting guys before… but somehow a friend started talking about pheromones and how they were working for her… I just wanted to know if what she was saying was real… and it was!! I started getting more dates, guys showed more interest … and I’m even getting married in a few months!”

Claudia, CA

Hi! I hope I didn’t mess this up. I ordered from you, but I forgot to do the fast delivery. I must have the product by this time next week! Do you think it will reach me by then, useing UPS ground? If not is there anything I can do, change my shipping status maybe? I don’t mind paying for the faster delivery if you think I need it. Please, please, help me out here! Thank you for your time and effort! Your products actually do work. I’m hooked.

Jemi, NV

“Thank you for the exception customer service. I picked my package at the post office today. In the future I will like to use USPS mail. I am surprised at the power of the product (Max GOLD). It is exceptional !!!!!!!”

Arnold, DC

“Thanks! Just wanted to let you know I think you have terrific customer service, and have been a great help through this. It could have gone a lot less smoother, but your team did a awesome job! Thanks again,”

Amanda, MN

“I just wanted to let you know that you really do have a great line of products. I bought one bottle of Temptress to try you guys out and had very good results. Keep up the high quality product!”

Adrianne, IL

“I am a psychologist and have several specialization areas. I know a lot about research. I appreciated your complete explanation of why your product is better, and I loved that you backed it up with a money back guarantee. I have always gotten alot of attention from men, but…..it has never really been this easy. It’s crazy, I’ll walk in a store and every man in there wants to help me including the men ahead of me in line. I bought the max attraction, because I thought the other pheromones would help with confidence. I sure needed after trying to handle all the attention I was getting. It was overwhelming, no joke. I’m going to try your roll on copulins next. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been really fun.”

Liz, TX

“As advertised… Works better than expected. Thanks.”

Seth, OH

I got hit on by three women at Starbucks, wow.”
Jim, IL

“Received very quickly to the UK. Excellent product. Excellent communication”
Helen, United Kingdom

“I just want you to know that I have tried what is “supposedly” the original and best pheromones, “——” and they do not even come CLOSE to your pheromones in any way. In fact they do not even give you a BOTTLE to keep it in! They are not very friendly, either, and insist their pheromones are the only “REAL THING.” When I told them their product didn’t work very well, (this is AFTER I have been using yours for years) they told me, “Well, pheromones only work on a percentage of the population; they probably don’t work for you.” That’s strange, I told them; pheromones work great for me! Just wanted to share this with you! P.S. Your copulins really work! My man goes insane. I actually have to be a little careful with Temptress. It’s scary how potent it is.”
Terry, NY

“Thank you for your quick response. I intend to continue purchasing from your company, as the products have provided amazing results.”
Eileen, CA

“I purchased Max Attraction, and let me first say THANK YOU! It has increased my social life 110%. The men have no idea what has hit them. My question is, now that I won’t do without Max Attraction, what are the benefits of the other products? Can you mix them, wear some of each? Or switch between using the different products? Thanks in advance for your time and response. A FOREVER Customer.”
Lori, MO

“Hey, its Adam, I was very pesimistic about the
Max Attraction but the stuff really works I could not believe it I’m very impressed with the success I have got quite a bit a action cuz of it but thanks, well just wanted to say thanks, ok bye.”
Adam, IL

“This is an excellent product. Everything they tell you about it is completely true. In short words it is AWESOME.”
Pedro, TX

“I have to admit, everyone around me has been sooooo much more accommodating. It’s a trip.”

Kurt, CA

“I have searched all over the internet for the best deal around, and I gotta hand it to you guys – I haven’t seen ANY site that offers the concentrations you do at these prices. I have just placed an order for 5 Max Attractions – my buddies and I all go on Spring Break together, and after my boys saw how well this stuff worked last year, I ended up having to share a single bottle between five guys. This time I’m going prepared! I just wanted to thank you for an AWESOME time last year – we’re looking forward to doing it all over again this year!”

Jason, MD

“I’ve experimented with a myriad of pheromones products and along the way I’ve discovered quite a few things. One that products containing three different pheromones work the best and two that
Max Attraction is by far the most potent triple blend formula on the market. Outstanding!”
Edward, NJ

“What a STEAL! I honestly still can’t believe what a deal you guys offer …. I can now honestly tell you that I have FINALLY met the woman of my dreams! Thank for offering a legitimate, honest product!”
Mark, NJ

“Thank you so very much for all your time and consideration in this matter. I do appreciate your answers to my questions and thank you for your quick replies.”
Justin, MI

Thank you! I am a repeat customer and even started my mom using these too.
Lori, MO

“Hi! When do you expect to have ’Aware’ back in stock? I see that the site shows they are out of stock. Thanks for the great products!”
Bi, MD

“I want to start promoting the product, sorry I hadn’t before — it worked for me many times! guys would say “i dont know what it is, but i am very attracted to you.”
Barbara, MD

“Thank you for your good service. I received the refund and looking forward to my new order. Thanks again!”
Sally, DC

“Thank you for the fast dispach of my order. Conquest received it today in Australia, On the 9th day after dispached. A great product and packaged well, I will purchase from you again. All the best, sea ya,”
Terry, Australia

“Thanks for the reply. The order in 2005 was probably my first order. My last order was 5/11/2007. I have tried a number of products and Swept Away is my favorite and the one that gets results.”
Cathy, NE

Thank you guys for the GREAT customer service, Thanks Again”
Joe, CA

“Lightening Fast Shipping!!! Love These Lip Plumpers-my 2nd order”
Dennis, OH

“Fabulous product…great service…fast shipping…thank you so much!!!
Sharon, NY

“Thank you for you speedy reply and most importantly your eagerness to satisfy your customers. I am not only impressed with the product, but impressed with the customer service equally. In this world of so many competitors you have distinguished yourselves as one of the ELITE with
Max Attraction and MAX CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Thank You.”
Richard, NJ

“Thank you so much for your quick response to my email in regards to shipping, and I can’t wait to try your products! You’re the best in customer service!”

Pam, VA

“Thanks for the response. I have received my order, and quite quickly, which was unexpected and fantastic. I also purchased the Luscious Lips and LOVE IT!!! Thanks again!

Jessica, TN

“I hope I did everything ok with my order. Thank you for your patience. Your product
Max Attraction has been working great. Thanks again.”

Kat, CA

“Thank you for the follow up. That second order was actually unintentional – I wasn’t sure if the first order went through. Thanks again, you have a great product!”

Maria, CA

“Dumb question I am sure but here goes. How often do you apply and were is best place to apply? The other thing I must say is I have had more females look at me and talk to me than ever before plus my confidence level has sky rocketed also!!!!”

William, AL

I recently purchased “Swept Away” for men. This is the best product that I have ever used.My wife of ten years is a physican. She works long hours. She is always tired. We maybe have sex twice a month, sometimes only once. I’m in great shape, and always ready for sex. I put on your product after my evening shower and now we’ve been having sex much more. We have had sex everyday that I wear “swept away” this HAS BEEN THE BEST TWO WEEKS OF OUR MARRIAGE. I will keep a bottle of this magic potion around…….thanx alot..

Anonymous, IL

I bought your product a month ago and I must say that at first I didn’t notice a difference, but after using it for some time I finally noticed a difference in my confidence at work, and after that a woman that I was interested in for some time expressed more interest in me (that was different!) to make a long story short we end up together at my place. It must be the magic liquid. As I finished your liquid, no more ladies, it must be the magic liquid – that’s why I need another.I used MAX ATTRCTION and it really worked very well I have met a lot of women. Your product is the only one that works at this time in the market (I have tried 20-25 phermones products all simply like water with a high price) PLEASE KEEP THE QUALITY OF YOUR PRODUCTS HIGH, and customers like me will allways come back.I thank you for caring about your product. It has changed the way I and many men like me approach social and intimate situations.

Anonymous, CA

“Great product great price”

Leon, VT

“I would order from them again in a heartbeat. Their customer service was exceptional!!”

Marianne, NV

“Very happy with the product and the service. PROFESSIONAL…..Works wonderfully! Better than I expected! My boyfriend doesn’t know what hit him…but he’s loving every minute!!! Smilin from ear to ear! Both of us. It just makes the two of us feel more like one! Thank you.”

Laura, PA

“Good Stuff… works very well and the scent is very pleasing to women.”

Amber, IL

“I love you guys! You are a dying breed…..excellent product…does what you say it will…..prompt…courteous….like I said a “dying breed” but keep the faith and DON’T let up!”

Joseph, FL

“I’ve used your products before and they’re great! My husband and I have been married for 24 years and have four children. I figured it doesn’t hurt to add a little “added attraction” every now and then! Thanks!”

Deana, OH

“I’ve never seen so many different pheromone products on one site! Your Conquest pheromone is the most thoughtful product I have seen yet – and one of the only ones I’ve seen made with women in mind. It’s great to know that I can use this product and no one else knows! Thanks a million – it works great!”

Christine, PA

“Your copulin pheromones are working great! Thanks so much! I’ll definitely be buying more!”

Tina, Norway

” is an incredible company made up of people who are truely dedicated to getting a great product out as efficiently as possible to their customers. I am very impressed with their products and their service!”

Anonymous, CA

“This is my second order from you, my first, almost 1 year ago, I lost your web address and had to order from a different site, that was a mistake since, I say your product is far more effective and it really works! Thanks, now please send me my order quick! :)”

John, NYC

“Thanks for the fast reply and good customer service.”

Sherman, CA

“Dear Sirs,
Please, send my order via U.S. Postal Service as before (never by any courier such as FedEx or UPS because they do not work right in Brazil). “Max Attraction Gold” is really good ! Much better than any other pheromone product. Thank you for your kind attention.”

Jose, Brazil