What are pheromones?

The word pheromone, derived from the Greek word, pherein (which means “to carry”), is a chemical substance secreted by an animal, that influences the behavior of or causes a response in others of the same species. Pheromones are regarded as substances that function as attractants of the opposite sex, and they are primarily responsible for igniting the urge of mammals (including humans) to engage in sexual intercourse.

Will pheromones work for me?

If you use standard, commercially available pheromone products, there’s no guarantee that you’ll attract the opposite sex and have more sexual encounters. That’s because some of the commercial formulations available online today have questionable levels of effectiveness.However, optimized pheromones offered by LuvEssentials.com are lab-certified formulations that have been proven to attract the opposite sex time and time again. Optimized pheromones are powerful sexual attractants, even if you don’t happen to be physically attractive, that give you a critical “edge” so you can effortlessly attract the opposite sex and provide the right conditions toward an eventual sexual encounter.

Can I wear (or mix) your unscented pheromones with my favorite cologne or perfume?

You may wear unscented Max Attraction or Scent of Eros products with your favorite cologne or perfume and it will not affect its efficacy, but we do not recommend that you mix them in the same container, you should use both as two separate products.

How can pheromones give me “great chemistry” with the opposite sex?

When people say a man and a woman have “great chemistry,” it’s usually a metaphor that means that their personalities and idiosyncrasies are compatible. Little do people know, however, that pheromones play a critical role in giving the perceived sense of “good chemistry” and this is essential before both parties willingly consent to sexual intercourse.When a woman views a man, the presence (or absence) of pheromones dictates her interpretation of the man. The role of chemosensory (or the effects of smell) can favorably alter a man’s aura, which is unknowingly perceived by women.Likewise, when a man views a woman, the presence of pheromones elevates his opinion of her attractiveness more than her physical appearance. A woman need not look like a Playboy model or a beauty queen to capture a man’s interest IF she has that indescribable aura that a man perceives at the chemosensory level.

It is this chemosensory “aura” the pheromone signature, if you will that may be responsible for what the opposite sex perceives as “good chemistry.” Therefore, it can be concluded that pheromones enhance the natural chemistry between a man and a woman, and give the perception of increased compatibility, not to mention charisma and beauty which are not due only to esthetics or physical appearance.

This pheromone-induced “good chemistry” may be responsible for the unexplainable sense of joy that one feels when in the presence of one’s “crush” even when that person’s physical appearance is otherwise unremarkable.

Why are pheromones from LuvEssential.com significantly more effective at attracting the opposite sex than other commercially available pheromone formulations?

LuvEssentials pheromone formulations have the optimum concentration of pheromones combined with extremely powerful additives. This combination produces a significantly more potent effect than naturally occurring pheromones because they activate the behavior-altering properties of pheromones that act as sexual attractants. All of the pheromone blends in the product line have an effectiveness unparalleled in the pheromone market far exceeding most pheromone formulations available today.Other pheromone marketers claim that their product is the ONLY true human pheromone, a claim that is big on marketing hype but falls short when it comes to results. In contrast, scientists created the LuvEssentials.com optimized formulations to generate a response that not only mimics human pheromones but also achieves an effect which is several times more powerful than the effectiveness of human pheromones. LuvEssentials’ optimized pheromones for men are believed to bring about an increase in the luteinizing hormone (LH) in women, thereby causing a woman to have a heightened sexual responsiveness to a man. This LH surge is theorized to elevate a woman’s predisposition towards sexual activity.

LuvEssentials’ optimized pheromones for women are believed to bring about a testosterone surge in men, thereby causing a man to have a heightened sexual responsiveness to a woman. This testosterone surge is what is hypothesized to makes a man fiercely determined to copulate.

People experience varying results depending on how well their unique body chemistry works with the potency, quality and source of the pheromones. That’s why pheromone products come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, just return it within 60 days (of receiving the product) and we will give you a full refund of the purchase price less shipping costs.

How do I use optimized pheromones? When should I use them and how much should I use?

We suggest you apply two to four sprays of the “Max Attraction” optimized pheromones to your outer clothing or to the wrists’ underside or neck area; the spray formula will not stain your clothing. If you are applying “Scent of Eros”, use the convenient roll on to apply two or three dabs of oil on the previous mentioned pulse points. Stand or sit approximately 1 to 6 feet away from the person you want to attract in order for her/him to pick up your scent. Wait several seconds for the optimized pheromones to really work. It normally takes about 6 to 7 seconds to get a favorable reaction from the opposite sex. Although some people take longer to respond than others, you can expect to see results almost immediately and you probably won’t have to take the initiative to meet the object of your desire because she (or he) will probably make the first move.

Use optimized pheromones wherever you might come into contact with members of the opposite sex, such as a supermarket, the gym, a restaurant, the office, a park, etc. You might have more success using optimized pheromones in places that are not crowded or smoke-filled. This could be attributable to the fact that smokey and crowded places like bars and clubs have an overwhelming amount of olfactory and vomeronasal stimulation which compete with the effect of optimized pheromones.

How long luvessentials’ pheromones last?

All our pheromones last approximately 6 to 8 hours when applied as suggested. If you apply it in the morning, we suggest you “refresh” it in the evening with another application.

How do I return a product?

In order to ensure you receive credit for a returned product, all returns must be sent by USPS Mail with Tracking Service/Delivery Confirmation. Refunds will not be issued for any returns no received by us, unless sender can provide proof that a package was shipped to us; the return shipping cost is the responsibility of the sender. Please send your return to:

Lodix Corp.
250 Palm Coast Parkway, N.E.
Suite 607-192
Palm Coast, FL 32137-8225

A refund will be issued within 5 business days of receipt of the return. Business days are Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, ET

SHIPPING FEE IS not refundable. Orders totaling $180.00 US Dollars and over, before any discount, that are returned to us will be assessed a return processing fee of 25%.

Orders sent by USPS Free Shipping and returned will be assessed a $10.00 return fee.

Can my pheromones package be shipped privately?

Absolutely! We understand that your privacy is important to you and discretion is assured. That’s why we ship all of our products in discrete, plain boxes with the return address listed only as Shipping Department and with no identifying markings.

How will my credit card be billed?

All charges will simply appear as Lodix Corp on your credit card bill. This is to ensure you maintain your privacy with regard to your purchases.

What are your shipping rates?

Please click here for shipping rates and information.

What product do I use if I am interested in attracting a same sex partner? What product do I use if I am gay or lesbian?

While the majority of our customers are interested in heterosexual relationships, we do have a large gay and lesbian customer base. What we’ve found over the years is that the products for men should be worn by men and our women’s products should be worn by females – regardless of which sex you want to attract. We realize that this may seem counterintuitive but we have a large sample size of data that tells us that this is the best way to use the product if you are gay or lesbian. Of course, if you find that the product you purchase does not work for you for any reason, just return it to us within 60 days of your purchase and we will be glad to refund your purchase, minus the shipping fee.

Are LuvEssentials human pheromones?

No, they are not human pheromones. They are synthetic pheromones created in a laboratory to mimic human pheromones.

What kind of reaction can I expect when wearing pheromones?

It is important to set your expectations correctly when wearing pheromones. Pheromones are not a magic love potion, but they are believed to strongly tip the scales in your favor. How exactly? Some of the reactions, you can expect are:

  • People around you being more responsive and generally more interested in you.
  • People being more willing to engage in a closer and more flirtatious conversation with you.
  • Increased frequency of affectionate gestures towards you.
  • More eye contact and improved body language from those around you.

After I place an order, will LuvEssentials continue sending me products and charging my credit card?

No, we do not send repeat unsolicited orders without customer’s consent. You only receive products when you order them.

Are foreign import duties and/or taxes included in the price of the product?

No, Luvessentials.com assumes no responsibility for the clearing of the parcel through overseas Customs. Any import duty and/or taxes levied by the Customs Authorities in the foreign country are the sole responsibility of the customer (importer), and are not included in the price(s) of the product(s).

Where do you ship your products from?

All orders are shipped from our distribution center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am a smoker, will “Luscious Lips” work for me?

If you smoke, “Luscious Lips” may not work for you because nicotine kills the fat cells below the surface layer of lip tissue, which prevents the lips from plumping. Nevertheless, you could still use it as a lip gloss and moisturizer..

Are your unscented pheromones totally scent free?

No, unscented means no fragrance has been added to those products. All pheromones have a subtle musky scent to them, which should disappear shortly after it is applied– anyone selling you pheromones that are completely odorless is likely not selling you pheromones.

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